Compact, agile quadrotor with onboard compute
Designed and built in collaboration with: Alex Spitzer, Curt Boirum


Frame Armattan Chameleon Ti 6 inch
Flight Controller mRo Pixracer
ESCs Lumenier BLHeli32 4 in 1 ESC
Motors T-Motor F80 Pro 1900kv
Props Dalprop 7in 3 blade clear
Power Distribution Board Holybro Micro Power Module (PM06)
Power Lumenier N2O 1500mAh 4s 120c Lipo Battery
Comm Zigbee Radio
Onboard Compute Nvidia Jetson TX2 with Auvidea J121 Carrier Board
State Estimation Intel RealSense T265 Tracking Camera
Depth Sensor Intel RealSense D435 Depth Camera
RC Enabled Yes




The vehicle uses an Armattan Chameleon Ti 6 inch mount. For our purposes, we remove the FPV camera mount and the back radio mount, and instead use additional standoffs to hold the upper plate to the base plate, allowing for a higher stack height and reduces unnecessary weight. In order to house the onboard compute components and sensors, we add a square base chassis attached below the Armattan base frame, which is attached via additional standoffs.

Motors + Prop

The motors are T-Motor F80 Pro 1900kv equipped with 7 inch 3-blade dalprop propellers.


The flight controller is an mRo Pixracer connected to a 4-in-1 Lumenier BLHeli32. Power to the vehicle is supplied via a Holybro Micro Power Module. A 4S 1500mAh battery is used to supply power to both the onboard computer and the flight electronics.

Onboard Compute and sensing

The vehicle is equipped with a Nvidia Jetson TX2 with a Auvidea J121 Carrier board, attached to a square frame chassis attached below the base plate of the robot. A 60 degree angle bracket mount attachment attaches the sensors to the square frame chassis. The Intel RealSense D435 depth camera, used for online mapping, is mounted at 0 degrees, while the Intel RealSense T265 Tracking camera, used as an indoor state estimator, is mounted at 60 degrees downwards to maximize features. The vehicle is elevated from the ground via 4 legs in order to protect the sensors.


Weight 1.14 kg
Effective diameter 30.6 cm
Maximum Flight Time 11 min hover
Maximum Velocity 19 m/s sustained